Saturday, November 21, 2009

catch-up time!

AS usual, I havent been in here in awhile. But, I wanted to mention about a new place I found called Facebook!. You all really should give it a try!. I've found so many old friends I havent seen in years! Some go back as far as forty years!..Thats kinda what Ive been doing the last few weeks anyways.
We now have 7 dogs!..The smallest one growls at me when I tell him to go out, or make him get off a chair or the couch..Sometimes I wanna shoot him!...But....I get over it, and he rolls onto his back and lets me know whos in charge...ME!..He's the only one in the house who gives me respect!...He's also the only one who I can give a lickin' to(if I can catch him, which is never.)

Oh yeh...Janelle and I have scooters now! I always said that I'd get a bike if I ever quit drinikin!...So, I did! we both have Zuma 125's!..they'll get up to about 55 with my 250 lb fat ass on it! of course, Janelle can go faster!. Ive only fallen over a few times...Scratched my knee once!
I even have a helmet!..And GOGGLES!!!
Oh yeh...I got 2 gold teeth in the last few months!..Really cool!...Not the very front ones, but the next ones over from the fronts!!. I now have 8 gold teeth! These are gonna be Janelles inheritance when I die!
Well,...Thats all I know about at the moment...I'll write more some other time!
your friend,